When we must say no

Each day as they grow, we, as parents are faced with various decisions, some big, others small. Throughout my son’s years of taking the bus to and from school, he seldom had to do so without one of his sisters and or cousins. A few weeks ago, upon realizing that he now had to take the bus daily by himself in the mornings caused some adjustments for him. I remember him asking me to take him to school. After ensuring there were no other issues ( on the bus or at school) and realizing he was just having a little difficulty adjusting, I told him no. Tears filled both our eyes. We were both feeling the change and had our own internal and external adjustments to make. I wanted to make it all better for my son. However, I knew this experience was needed in order for him to adjust to his new morning routine of taking the bus without a family member. When the bus came, my heart sank, I told him to dry his tears. He looked at me with sad but determined eyes before opening the screen door and walking across the street, slowing to the bus. … I remember, after the bus left, calling my husband crying but knowing I had made the right choice and he agreed. A couple weeks later, when this picture was taken, I watched as my son, walked briskly with a posture of confidence across the street to the school bus. Again, my heart sank and tears filled my eyes but this time, they were happy tears. I realized he had come to accept his new morning travel on the bus. My baby boy, mi wash-belly, is growing up! It also affirmed for me that I had made the right decision that morning when he asked me to take him to school and I said, no. It was a no we both needed. As parents, we navigate through parenthood at times not knowing if the decisions we made/make were/are the right ones. Nonetheless, we must do our best to make them. Celebrate and learn from the right ones. Reevaluate and learn from the wrong ones. We can’t fix everything for our children. We are charged with raising them to stand on their own, with us and them knowing without a doubt that we are there watching, protecting, forever ready to defend… we must slowly let them go… there are times when we must say no… #encourage #motivate #inspire #miwashbelly #onlyson

When it does right..or is it, When I do right?

I’ve fully embraced my natural hair but there are days when it is hard to maintain. Mainly because I do not practice the nightly hair routines that would help make maintenance a breeze. Oh but when I do, the results are remarkable.

Summer 2018 while in Jamaica (in picture), I was surprised how well my hair dealt with the heat. I realized that on nights when I took the time to re-twist and cover my hair with a head scarf, the next day my hair looked and felt moisturized and was easier to manage than on days when I neglected to re-twist and cover.

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Love Is…

There is something timeless about love. It looks and feels better as time passes. There is something magical about love. It sees past our mishaps. There is something endless about love. It endures things unimaginable. There is something spectacular about love. Beyond the glitz and glamor, it’s just two people deciding each day to try a little harder than they did the day before.


It is not always easy to have faith but faith is always easy to have. What do I mean by this? I may see a situation being impossible to face and or to overcome and though I know what faith is sometimes I believe in the concept of faith more than faith itself. Sometimes it is hard to hold on to that faith, especially in a tough situation.

However, faith is always easy to have because it is always available, if we just believe. It makes itself constantly present. Faith seeks us out. It knocks at our doors and windows, saying “I am hear, let me in.”

The Bible tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We can all understand hoping for something but to believe in it happening but not yet seeing it… well, sometime as much as we hope and believe, faith just in those “sometime” moments isn’t easy to have.

There is only one remedy for this sometime, not always easy to have faith moments. What is it, you may ask? It’s simple! Believe.

Faith is always easy to have if we just believe. Sounds cliche, sounds elementary, sounds irrational but if faith requires hope and unseen evidence then believing is the only way to have this always easy to have faith.

Mindful Living

In the Moment

Live mindfully. Enjoy the happy moments. Smile in them. Lean back and rest in them. Think not of the next moment but only of the one you are currently in. When you are always on the go like I am, it’s hard at times to remember to live in each moment. Life and living it will escape us if we do not take time to mindfully live. I mean purposefully, deliberately without reservation mindfully live life.

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